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Membership Management for

UK and International members

is now available.

admin only

UK Adult


Includes SCRN

UK Adult Associate (Family)


No SCRN - must be at least 1 UK Adult at same address

UK Junior


Under 18 or in full time education -Includes SCRN

UK Junior Associate


Under 18 or in full time education - No SCRN

Club registration


Includes SCRN

UK Subscription rates



Includes SCRN

Rest of the World


Includes SCRN

International Subscription rates

Membership will now be valid for a full 12 month period on a rolling basis, rather than the fixed January-December as it is now, so if you were to renew part way through the year you will now get full value. Each member’s copy of SCRN will be posted direct to their home address. Club membership will no longer be free to clubs with 7 or more members (renewed at the same time !!). It will now be charged for at a reduced rate and is a requirement for clubs wishing to hold BSCRA events (BOC etc.), and entry to the Team race. Registered Clubs will receive a copy of SCRN.

Please remember that a member is required to be active on or before 1st February each year in order to compete in Area rounds and the 1/32nd scale National Championships, and to be included for Area entry allocation calculations. Membership is also required for entry into both 1/32nd and 1/24th British Open Championships and the 1/32nd Club Championship.

Members will be contacted by e-mail approximately 1 month before their expiry date.

Please check that we have the correct Postal Address details using the 'Your Information' link above. This is important as your SCRN will be posted direct to the address we hold (where applicable).

Important information for UK members