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The Genesis chassis, developed as an introduction to BSCRA type racing is proving to be very popular and not just with newcomers to slot racing. The chassis has been voted by the membership of the British Slot Car Racing Association as the Intro class for National racing, using a Falcon motor, fixed gear ratio and choice of a wide variety of sports car bodies.

As an example of how this chassis has been used, a race night was organised on the Leicester track, four cars were used, built from readily available kits, some a few months old, one a Christmas present. The first hour or so was for absolute newcomers, seven guys and girls thrashed the cars around at gradually increasing speeds including many excursions into the barriers and onto the floor. Some were concerned at damaging the cars, some were just having fun but everyone enjoyed it. Over the next couple of hours, using the same cars, the Leicester members had a team race, every driver having a drive of each car on each of the four lanes. All the cars survived the evening with only one car needing a tyre change towards the end.

Lap times were incredibly close to the record laps set with JK chassis and Falcon motors and in fact the Christmas present car built by a member, fairly new to racing, came within 2 thousandth of a second of taking the long standing Falcon lap record.

A group of enthusiasts have got together as a co-operative to make a kit available for anyone wanting to try these cars and the price of £60 is very competitive, email bob.budge@ntlworld for more information.


Mk2 version with separate heatsink allowing use up to Group 12. It is also designed to have a future proof upgrade path where the owner can fit a pro2 type brake pot and even modify the controller slightly to fit a full speed blast relay.

Available to order for UK customers only, delivery within 7 days approximately


To further introduce newcomers to the sport, Bob has developed a controller especially for the class. It has adjustment for brakes and attack so that newcomers can get used to changing the settings for different tracks and sometimes for slightly different motor characteristics. Whilst very simple it uses quality components including a carbon wiper on a 24 segment track, wirewound potentiometers and a specially designed, CNC machined heatsink. The controller will cope with short sessions with GP12 cars and a fan can be fitted on the heatsink for longer sessions allowing an upgrade path without immediately needing to change controller. The cost has been kept down to encourage newcomers and is available for £60, there is also a slight discount for a kit and controller bought together, contact Bob Budge for more information.

This controller is designed as an economic introduction to slot car racing and is to be used for low power motors such as the Falcon, it can be used for a short time for hotter motors such as GP12 but care must be taken to never let the transistor or heat sink get too hot to touch.

The controller has two adjustment knobs. The outer one is to adjust the brakes, this is set to your personal preference and can depend on the track layout. The inner one is to adjust the attack which is how quickly your car starts to move as you press the trigger, for Falcon motors this should generally be set around 3.

There is a small piece of 5 amp fuse wire soldered across two terminals of the controller, this is to protect the controller in the event of a short circuit on the track. If your controller fails to work this would be a good place to check first.

Try to keep the wiper and track segments clean using lighter fluid or clutch cleaner then apply a small drop of oil. Once grit gets onto the board segments or wiper button it can wear the track out very quickly.

If you want to try GP12 racing and you find the transistor gets hot too quickly a 40mm fan can be attached to the heatsink using 4 x m3 screws. The fans power plug should be connected to the pin connector on the board. Please check polarity before connecting.

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Complete Genesis Chassis kit - £60

Intro Controller Mk. 2 - £85

Genesis Chassis kit + Intro Controller - £145

New Mk. 2 Version available to order.

Approximately 7 days lead time.